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Don’t pay 3% commission

Our mission is to give homeowners a fairer, better deal; and in the last couple of years, we've delivered on this for more than 1000 homeowners and collectively saved them over $10m in commission. But we haven't achieved this by cutting corners or paying our agents less, we've achieved this by completely redesigning the outdated real estate model and experience. Don't pay up to 3% to sell your home. Sell with us for 1.5% including free advertising and save thousands.

We’ve removed expensive overheads like offices

We use technology to create transparency and streamline the process

Our Marketing Strategies achieve maximum results

We're top-rated local agents (and we love what we do)

Our agents are incentivised to get the best price

Our Concierge Team takes the stress out of property

How much could you save?

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You could save $ in commission!

Real testimonials from our clients

Getting the right price

We do everything a traditional agent does, but with modern technology so you can get moving faster. Our unique online offer and negotiation platform creates an environment of competition unmatched by the standard sales process and is proven to achieve superior results for our customers. We then finalise the transaction utilising digital secure contracts endorsed by the big banks to keep up the momentum and ensure we don’t lose any deals.

Connecting buyers to properties

Unlike most real estate agencies, we don’t spam our buyers with irrelevant listings that they have no interest in. Instead, we have the only platform in the country that can deliver listings to buyers’ inboxes up to two weeks before they hit the market. This means that we often receive enquiry and even offers on property faster than any other agent can. This delivers immense value for both buyers and sellers, it’s a true win-win.